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Real Estate Sign Toppers

Sign toppers are normally made from cloroplast, which in short time starts to get damaged and look ratty

Buzz Art makes our sign toppers from solid 1/8" HDPE which will look great for a long time.

The topper kit comes with two signs, and hardware that allows for easy installation with your hands, no tools are required.

The hardware will allow the signs to be attached to both existing metal or post signage.

Cost of the signs is presently set at $60 for a set with text on one side of each of the toppers.

A reversable set of signs with two different setups is $85.

The standard size of the toppers is about 8" * 24" but custom sizes can be made

Shipping (if required) is $25 per order anywhere in Canada. Pick ups are available in Kanata.

Examples - Real Estate Sign Toppers