Sign Post Pricing

Sign posts are excellent for displaying BuzzArt's custom cottage signs or other signs.

The posts are made from air dried 4"*4" cedar

All ends have 1" bevels to give the post a nice finished look

Optional painted bevels give the post a very sharp look

The sign post is designed to have 5' of the 4"*4" post above ground

The cross member is 3' long which gives a 26.5" arm to hang signs. Perfect for 11" * 22" cottage signs.

The posts are bolted together and thus allow for disassembly and easier installation

NOTE: Due too issues with custom engraving of the post header this option has be discontinue and only plain post headers are available

Info - Sign Post Pricing Charts


Red Cedar

4 * 4 Post With no engraving.
Comes with:
Beveled edges painted black
3 coats of UV stabablized urethane
8' Main beam, 3' to go in the ground
3' Cross member