How To Order

By Email (Prefered)

Email is the most popular method and usually found to be very productive. The following details the normal steps taken to place an order:

1st  Send an email to and describe what you need.

  • If possible use an existing drawing or picture from this web site to begin your desciption.
  • Indicate how you are going to hang the sign, from a sign post, to a post/tree, on a wall. How to Hang a Sign
  • If you know what colors you like let us know

2nd  From the email a mock up will be created and sent to you for review and modifications.

3rd  Once the drawings are confirmed and a price agreed upon a deposit is required.

  • Do to Covid-19 only porch pick up and shipping are available. As such all payments are in full at time of order. Thank you for understanding
  • If being shipped full down is required.
  • The following payment methods are available:

    • Electronic Email Transfer(EMT) - most of the big banks permit funds to be transfered using email (safe, fast and cheap)
      For detailed information on EMT's check out EMT FAQ's
      Recommend to email EMT's to
    • Cash - a time is arranged for a deposit to be dropped off at Buzz Art
    • Visa or Master Cards - As products are not marked up to cover the costs associated with credit cards a 4% additional charge will be applied to total bill, please call in your CC information
    • Cheque (this will cause delays in getting the sign) - Please NO checks on pickup

    4th  Buzz Art will create the item. Most items take about 1 to 2 weeks to complete. At Christmas we tend to run faster sometime 3-5days, best to ask us if we can meet your time lines as Christmas day approaches

    5th  Creation is picked up at a prearranged time or shipped

    Note: There is no need to send us your shipping information, shipped items will get an email with a link to fill in their shipping information

    By Phone

    Call John at (613) 591-9075 to discuss your requirements