How To Order

By Email (Prefered)

Email is the most popular method and usually found to be very productive. The following details the normal steps taken to place an order:

1st  Send an email to John@BuzzArt.ca and describe what you need.

  • If possible use an existing drawing or picture from this web site to begin your desciption.
  • Indicate how you are going to hang the sign, from a sign post, to a post/tree, on a wall. How to Hang a Sign
  • If you know what colors you like let us know

2nd  From the email a mock up will be created and sent to you for review and modifications.

3rd  Once the drawings are confirmed and a price agreed upon a deposit is required.

  • If being shipped full down is required.
  • If being picked up 50% deposit is required to start the work and balance on pickup (You are welcome to pay all upfront)

    If sending 50% try and make it close to the midddle but yet leaving a round balance
    For example 2 sq ft are normally $146.90 with taxes send 66.90 (leaving a $80 balance on pickup)
    Or 1 sq ft $75 total at $84.75, send $44.75 (leaving a $40 balance)

The following payment methods are available:

  • Electronic Email Transfer(EMT) - most of the big banks permit funds to be transfered using email (safe, fast and cheap)
    For detailed information on EMT's check out EMT FAQ's
    Recommend to email EMT's to John@BuzzArt.ca
  • Cash - a time is arranged for a deposit to be dropped off at Buzz Art
  • Visa or Master Cards - As products are not marked up to cover the costs associated with credit cards a 4% additional charge will be applied to total bill, please call in your CC information
  • Cheque (this will cause delays in getting the sign) - Please NO checks on pickup

4th  Buzz Art will create the item. Most items take about 1 to 2 weeks to complete. At Christmas we tend to run faster sometime 3-5days, best to ask us if we can meet your time lines as Christmas day approaches

5th  Creation is picked up at a prearranged time or shipped

Note: There is no need to send us your shipping information, shipped items will get an email with a link to fill in their shipping information

By Phone

Call John at (613) 591-9075 to discuss your requirements