2 Sq Ft Cottage Signs

Buzz Art specializes in engraved wood products, including routered signs, wooden signs, cottage signs house address plagues, trophies, personal or family plagues, company logos, commerical signs, bar signs, and resort signs. Signs are made from kiln dried wood, high quality outdoor glue and paint, professional outdoor wood stain and 3 coats of professoinal grade marine grade UV protecting urathane.

These custom wooden signs make excellent signs for the house, cottage, commericial, trailer or resorts. While much larger signs are avaiable two square foot engraved cottage signs and house address signs are the most common. Normal pricing for two square foot signs is $130.

The easiest way to design your own wooden sign is to start with an existing example on this web page and request the required changes for text, color, size, shape and graphics. Buzz Art will then customize the sign to meet your needs. Creating a custom sign yourself is also permitted, send us a sketch of your requirements and we will mock up a sign for you.

Examples - 2 Sq Ft Signs

Wooden sign light house IMG_3863 (HighRes Image)
Oval wooden sign

Two square foot custom wood sign

Indoor wood sign - TV Station A Channel IMG_3867 (HighRes Image)
TV Station sign

Wood sign for the TV station A Channel

Wood carved sign with chair and trees IMG_3871 (HighRes Image)
Rustic Shape wood sign for outdoor use

2 sq ft rustic wooden outdoor sign

Out door shaving sign wooden IMG_3868 (HighRes Image)
Oval with corners wood sign

2 square foot oval custom wood sign

custom wood sign Loon, trees and paw prints IMG_3872 (HighRes Image)
Rustic cottage sign

Two square foot custom rustic wood sign

Log shaped wood sign IMG_3874 (HighRes Image)
Roach Motel wood sign

Engraved out door red cedar sign Log shaped.

Custom wood sign with hockey player, mountains and trees IMG_3876 (HighRes Image)
Rustic outdoor sign

Two square foot rustic custom wooden sign

IMG_3877 (HighRes Image)
Two part sign

Top sign is a 2 sq ft sign. Bottom sign is a 1 sq ft sign

IMG_3893 (HighRes Image)
Two part sign

Top sign is a 2 sq ft sign. Bottom sign is a 1 sq ft sign

Wooden Sign IMG_3504 (HighRes Image)
Three part sign

Top sign is a 2 sq ft sign. Bottom two signs are a 1 sq ft.