Stash Box

The stash box is portable storage location for valuables.
Attaches on the side, underneath or on top of a surface
. Use it at home, the office, on the road, in your car
The stash box attaches to a surface with magnets. To attach to a none matalic surface supplied washers are attached to the surface which the stash box will easily attach to
The stash box comes in various sizes or you can customize it to meet your needs.
  • Page Size: $35
  • Standard Size: $30
  • Passport Size: $25
Comes with magnets installed for attaching to both a metal surface
As well as screws and washers to permit attaching to a none metalic surface
Buzz Art can customize the size of the Buzz Safe to meet your needs
IMG_3745 (HighRes Image)
Size: Standard

Pocket size is 4*8in

IMG_3748 (HighRes Image)
Mounted on a metal surface

The Buzz Safe attached to the side of a computer. It could as easily be placed inside the computer case.

IMG_3749 (HighRes Image)
Size: Standard

Accessing the handle to remove the Buzz Safe

IMG_3860 (HighRes Image)

Mounted on a wood surface. Install the supplied washers and you are ready to go

IMG_3862 (HighRes Image)

MOunting washers

IMG_3855 (HighRes Image)
Size: Page Size

This one is large enough for documents. Design to mount to a fridge, furnace, or other vertical surfaces

IMG_3856 (HighRes Image)
Size: Page Size

IMG_3859 (HighRes Image)
Size: Passport

Sized to fit a pass port and your small valuables. Hide it inside the top of your filling cabinet, to Duct work, behind the fridge, maybe under the kitchen counter