Buzz Art demo booths

Buzz Art has several booths for doing presentations such as:
- Commerical shows such as the Ottawa Craft Show, Ottawa Home Show.
- Craft Shows
- Canada Day
- Camp site presentations
- Trailer park

If you know of a camp ground of trailer park that would like to have a person on site visit by Buzz Art please contact us and we will arrange it.
IMG_2429 (HighRes Image)
Show Room Booth

This booth is used at larger shows, normally where the show is 3 or 4 days long

IMG_3282 (HighRes Image)
One Day Booth

This booth is used for few hours or a one day show

IMG_3618 (HighRes Image)
Day showing

Bayview Lodge

IMG_3633 (HighRes Image)
Canada 2010

Corner of Elgin and Wellington

IMG_90047 (HighRes Image)
Day showing

Al Saints High School

IMG_90107 (HighRes Image)
Day showing

Ottawa Crafters Guild. Lester B Pearson High School